Dear Frank, Thank you!      
Brides and Grooms who work with Frank will tell you, “He’s not your average wedding officiant. He is equal parts advisor, script writer, chorographer, director and narrator.” His experience as an entertainer, master of ceremony and special event producer makes him one of Seattle's most creative Officiants to work with and a great resource to any couple planning their wedding day celebration.
Here's what couples are saying after their wedding ceremony with Frank Harlan...




G'day Frank,

Joe and I wanted to thank you so much for performing our wedding.  We could not have wished for a better day or for that matter a more perfect person like you to wed us in front of our close friends.

You made everything so special and so beautiful. We felt such a connection to you and all our guests absolutely adored you.  You were the topic of conversation for days afterward; always with smiles and laughs.  Just how we wanted to remember our special day.

Your recommendations and advice from start to finish was invaluable, including going to The Whales Wins after the ceremony. That was an outstanding place and the food was fantastic. We were so honored that you were able to join us.

I wish I could tell others looking for someone to do their weddings just how perfect you would be for them.  If they only knew just how amazing everything turned out for us, they would have no doubt, you are the one.

You could not be more perfect for what you do.  

~Joe and Darren

"Everyone said the ceremony was wonderful and some said it was the best wedding they have ever been to! Thank you very much!!! The entire event went by way too fast for us, but I guess that's how most brides and grooms feel!"

~Mike and Ivy Bond
Mike and Ivy's Wedding Ceremony was epic!

We had such a fantastic day, thank you again!!
Here's a link to my blog for the photos

~Stormi and Crystel

"Saturday was more magical (and emotional and funny and sweet) than anything I could ever have imagined! I seriously loved the way you incorporated the candid comments from Kelly and I into the ceremony, so perfect! All your attention to the details really brought everything together so well! You were exactly right for us!"

~Vincent and Kelly

Frank, We couldn't have been happier with you as our Officiant and Master of Ceremony for our wedding and reception. You helped make it perfect--thank you so much!! We've been getting rave reviews from our guests and online visitors, and the photos have already made it online at Huffington Post, The and

~Matthew Phelps and Ben Schock

Dear Frank, "Thanks so much for officiating our ceremony. It was so special, and all of the guests commented on how beautiful it was."

~Xander and Juliet

"We can't thank you enough for the perfect ceremony and for making it exactly what we desired… fun, full of love, personal, our style, and so moving. Every single person has gotten teary eyed when they express how perfect and personal the ceremony was! It really was beyond expectation. THANK YOU!!!!!"

~Heidi Hanson & Chris Warner

Hi Frank, James and I wanted to thank you for all you did to make our wedding memorable, romantic, special, and simply perfect. We celebrated this past Saturday with our friends and family here in Texas…You were wonderful to work with and we are so happy to have found you!

~Nathanael and James

"Thank you some much for everything Frank! We absolutely LOVED the ceremony! It was everything we could have ever asked for and better than I could imagine! I loved the humor and family involvement and we were given so many compliments. Everyone thought the ceremony was fun, entertaining and touching! You did a great job and I'm so glad you were a part of our day! The ceremony was so personalized and totally reflected our personalities. Our day couldn't have gone better! Thank you again, we really appreciate you and all your hard work!"

~Brandon and Cassandra

Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful ceremony! Having been to many weddings that used stock scripts, we have a story that actually means something to us, one that we will remember through the years…. thank you for making December 9, 2013 , such a memorable day for Peter and me.

~Harold and Peter
Married after 15 years together.

Frank, "Thanks, again, for making our ceremony an amazing experience. We loved the garden. You made us feel very comfortable. Our friends and family loved it as well."

~Jodi and AJ
Married after a 14 years together.

Thanks again for making our wedding day very special.  We could not have chosen a better person to officiate over our ceremony. You are a fun guy and you made our day that much more fun.

~Wes and Dave
Married after 24 ½ years together.

RE: Social Media & Wedding Related Website Reviews

A handwritten thank you note is my preferred method of client review.
For me, being a Humanist Celebrant isn't a popularity contest; its about creating a memorable wedding experience for any couple who decides to work with me.

I have a different business model. I advertise where I want to be seen and receive dozens of referrals annually from brides, grooms, their wedding guests, and other vendors.

I really like working with couples who seek me out.

~Officiant Frank Harlan


Frank, "We wanted to thank you for everything! We had a lot of guests saying "That was the most fun I've ever had at a wedding", and "I've never laughed so much during a ceremony". Which was great! Matt and I know about boring weddings and we didn't want one. Everything went smoothly, and we really had no wedding expert on our team besides you! So, thank you for everything, it was a blast!

~Kaarin and Matt


Frank, The word 'Thanks' isn't enough for the wonderful job you did last week at our wedding. Our family and friends mentioned several times afterwards what a memorable ceremony it was and how terrific you are at your job!!!!! Thank you again!!!

~Linda and Lisa Bremerthon-Romo
Wed on the 14th anniversary of their original Commitment Ceremony.


"Thanks for such a beautiful ceremony. Please let us know if you would like us to write any reviews or comments on any specific website. We think people need to know about you ;). Thanks again for all your effort in making our ceremony so special."

~Steve and Teresa Kipp


Hi Frank, "We just wanted to thank you for all of your help in making last Thursday such a successful day!"

~Blair and Chris
Married on their 27-year Anniversay.


"Beyond expectations! I'm the human hyperbole, and I couldn't exaggerate how ridiculously special the day was.  I don't envy any of our friends and family who have the task of getting married after that ceremony.  Thank you for understanding what makes that day so special, and for 'getting us'.  You received rave reviews from every person in the building.  I'd go on and on, but you were there, so you know how special it was.  Thank you.  We'll never forget it, and feel like we have another amazing person in our wonderful tribe."

~Dave and Laura Duffy

Kevin and Craig, you may kiss your husband!

Jim and Alicia share their First Dance at the Harbor Club.


"We truly enjoyed having you as our officiant! You got rave reviews from all of our peeps!"

~Darren and Marcie Cheung

Frank, "Len and I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony.   All our guests had nothing but high praise for you.  Len and I felt you knocked it out of the. park."

~Stan and Len
Married after 18 years together.


"Thank you for everything. Yesterday was fantastic! Everyone in attendance agreed that you were a perfect Officiant for us. I appreciated especially the fact that you seem so joyful about the role you play in presiding over the connections between the people getting married, as well as those in attendance. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t change a thing."

~Fred and Julie

Rachael and Erin traveled to Seattle
from Tennesee for their elopement wedding

Dan and Claire's wedding at the Georgetown Ballroom.


"Wow, what a weekend! Thank you again for everything you did for was amazing! Everyone is still talking about how great of a job you did through the entire process. We can't thank you enough!"

~Dustin and Julia Hubbard


"I don't think Michelle and I can thank you enough for making our ceremony something we will remember for the rest of our lives. The whole day was absolutely perfect in every way - we couldn't have asked for anything more and you were a big part in that, so thank you soooo much."

~Andrew and Michelle Baker


Dear Frank, “Thank you so much for being such a great contributor to our wedding! Your enthusiasm and willingness to make this ‘Our Wedding’ was a great element in making our event such a wonderful moment and memory for everyone there. Our guests raved about you – they said you were awesome and clearly loved what you do. They appreciated how focused the ceremony was on us, and on love, pure and simple. It would not have been so great without you. Well done!”

~Rossano and Lisa

After 15 years in a committed relationship, Dana and Jan hosted a backyard garden wedding surrounded by dozens of close friends.

Linda and Monica loved their Officiant!

“Our ceremony was wonderful, memorable and exactly what we wanted. We had compliments afterwards that should have been directed at you. Thank you for taking the time to listen to what we wanted and to create a ceremony that fitted us. We are really so grateful that you were part of our special day!"

~John and Cora Hurney

“Sympathy, empathy, compassion, conscience, guilt, remorse, even the very sense of justice, the sense that doers of good deserve reward and doers of bad deserve punishment – all these can now be viewed as vestiges of organic history.”
~Robert Wright~

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