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Frank Harlan’s years of professional experience as a Wedding Officiant and Master of Ceremony for private and public events makes it easy for him to create a comfortable environment that relaxes brides and grooms, and allows them to share a candid and emotional experience with their family and friends in attendance.

"As an Officiant, Frank Harlan has a
charismatic charm and a stage presence
that is fondly familiar."

From Processional to Recessional, Frank will script, choreograph and direct your wedding ceremony so that you can manage your nerves and be the best you can be on one of the most significant days of your lives as a couple.


Dan and Claire tied the knot at the Georgetown Ballroom.


"My intention is to create an environment that relaxes brides and grooms and allows them to be the stars of the show, while comfortably sharing a candid and heartfelt occasion with their parents, family and friends.”



"The Perfect Wedding Ceremony is like
Performance Art or a One Act Play."


Nick and Brittany were wed at the Lake Union Cafe.


A Non-religious wedding ceremony with Frank may incorporate, but is not limited to, these elements:

Seating of Parents and VIP's
Greeting and Welcome
Processional: Entrance of Wedding Party
Opening Commentary
Declaration of Intent
Exchange of Vows
Exchange of Rings
Unity Ritual
Family Blending with Children
Pronouncement and Kiss
Closing Commentary
Recessional: Exit of Wedding Party

Receiving Line
Sign the Certificate of Marriage

Like each couple I work with, every wedding ceremony is different. Bigger wedding celebratons have more pieces, while an Elopement may not include the maximum amount of bells and whistles.


Couples have many ways of showing their love and affection for each other on their wedding day. Location and script content is often tied to shared interests and a creatively romantic desire to blend lifestyle with ethnic culture and tradition, For some couples that has meant incorporating a Sofreh-ye Aghd, standing under a Chuppa, Handfasting, San San Kudo, or crushing a glass by foot at the end of the ceremony.

Often brides and grooms have their own ideas and creative concepts they would like to incorporate into their wedding ceremony. For example, I've had couples Skype their ceremony to relatives in Europe (then take them to the Reception on their laptop), grooms have played pranks on the Best Man, Tea or Micro-brew Sharing, and others have changed their Facebook status as a Unity Ritual.


Jason and Josh exchanged vows at the Woodland Park Zoo.

No matter what you want to do as a part of your wedding's script, Frank will show you how to seamlessly integrate it into your wedding ceremony production.

"In marriage, everyday you love, and everyday you forgive.
It is an ongoing sacrament, love and forgiveness."
~ Bill Moyers ~

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