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Celebration of Life Memorial Services

FranMoSecular Officiant Frank Harlan can assist you in finding closure after a friend or loved one has completed their life's journey. As an experienced full-time Secular Officiant and Master of Ceremony, Frank can assist you in presiding over the final rite of passage for Non-Religious human beings.

"I have often found it strange at memorials or funerals to have a
stranger to the deceased presiding over such an intimate affair...
but now I see what a gift of compassion you have and what a relief
that provides to the family and others, not having to coordinate
such an event on top of everything else."

~ Kevin Hoover
A speaker at his friend John's Memorial Service.

"It was a celebration of his life -- people laughed and cried and cheered and hugged each other. That's how I want people to say good-bye to me after I'm dead."

A Celebration of Life Memorial Service is a ceremony that acknowledges loss and celebrates a life without employing religious rituals. A memorial service is often more practical than a traditional funeral service, especially if the guest of honor has donated their body to science, was cremated, or is simply not available (i.e. lost at sea, MIA, 9-11, etc.).

The Officiantís role is to prepare and direct the service from beginning to end -- duties include gathering information from the family and close friends in order to create a narrative about the life of the deceased. He may or assist in preparing and delivering a eulogy in honor of the deceased; host and preside over the program, and engaging with family and guests at the reception afterwards.

A Celebration of Life Memorial service can take place any time; from a few days to several weeks following a funeral or cremation. And can take place anywhere from community center, art gallery, back yard, deceasedís favorite park, or restaurant.


"A sharing of love and memories that will bring on tears of heartfelt joy and laugh-out-loud laughter!"


Waiting a few weeks before hosting a Celebration of Life Memorial service is always a good idea because it allows:

> Family members time to catch their breath.
> You a chance to get organized; Find a Location, Send Announcement, etc.
> And me time to prepare and script the memorial service, as well as communicate with family members and/or speakers that will share their stories and memories of your loved one.

For more information about planning a Celebration of Life Memorial Service, a Graveside Funeral or a Committal of Ashes for a parent, spouse or member of your family who has recently passed schedule a complimentary meeting with Frank Harlan.

Sample Order for a Celebration of Life Memorial;

Candle Lighting
Opening Words
Bio | History | Eulogy
Guest Speakers
Sharing of Personal Memories
Musical Performance
Slide Show
Closing Words

Music and Socializing

Conclude with a Reception, serve something to eat and drink so guests can visit and socialize for at least an hour.

"If your loved one were present, what
would they suggest doing in their honor?"

Be Creative - Be Irreverent.

Play their Favorite Music.

Create a Memory Table of Personal Items.

Memory Boards of Photos and Snapshots.

Have Friends and Family Share Stories.

Share their Favorite Food and Beverages.

Have a Guest Book for Messages.

"There is something feeble and contemptible about a man who cannot face life without the help of comfortable Myths."
~Bertrand Russel~

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